What I have learnt has taken my business to a new level. This course exceeded my expectations.

Ross Macdonald, Macdonald Salmon Flys, Aberdeen

I highly recommend this course. It has been a great investment of my time and energy. It will impact on every aspect of my life

Catriona Davies, NHS


EMH Mindspa NLP Training & Coaching

Spend a day relaxing your mind and reconnect with yourself


Emh inspires positive change through coaching and training.

We listen and support you, we will share our skills & knowledge with you so you can maintain your results. In essence you will be able to access your personal power, sense of direction and resourcefulness anytime you choose.

Mission statement :

To provide powerful coaching and training services to develop the strengths and talents of individuals, empowering them to fulfil their potential

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EMH NLP Information on Eilidh


Eilidh has created and designed her coaching practice and training programmes through years of experience and is a leader in her field.  Holding a postgraduate in applied coaching and NLP her passion for supporting others to reach their potential has also lead her to study psychotherapy.

It is this combination of therapeutic knowledge and coaching skill that enables Eilidh’s clients to generate powerful and lasting change in a positive and refreshing way.

Eilidh is passionate about positive psychology, emotional intelligence and well-being as the central forces at the core of our success as individuals. She creates a safe and non-judgemental environment for her clients’, unleashing their potential to succeed.