“The quality of your life is based on the quality of the consistent emotions you feel”.

Anthony Robbins

Sometimes my clients show up feeling overwhelmed. They are juggling so many roles and responsibilities that something has got to give. However many of us are so good at tolerating high levels of stress that we can endure a lot of pressure and manage an array of daily demands before symptoms show. Help is at hand and here are my top tips to work with your emotions to develop emotional freedom and balance.

Emotions are real, we all experience them and they regularly effect changes in our behaviours, psychology and physiology. If we ignore negative emotions they may eventually eat up your time, productivity, energy, focus and health. We work with emotions at EMH Inspire to reveal the positive intentions and emotional intelligence within them. We utilise them as useful resources to develop your emotional freedom.

1 Recognise the symptoms of blocked emotions

We can’t always put our finger on the problem. However the symptoms get more and more troublesome eventually forcing us to pay attention to the undercurrent of emotion causing the tension within us. Some symptoms to consider are:

  • Stress
  • Acting out of character
  • Withdrawing
  • Being defensive
  • Being overly sensitive to others remarks
  • Increased sickness absence
  • Feeling off balance
  • Relationship breakdowns
  • Health issues – high blood pressure,
  • Substance abuse – alcohol, sugar, caffeine, drugs

2 Emotional Freedom – get feelings in motion

It is a quirk of human nature to do our best to avoid negative feelings, we supress them, shut them down. Now positive feelings like joy, they are transient, they come and go. So when we apply our natural way with good feelings, to those we don’t like, we can release them, get them in motion and let them go. You can do this in a number of ways, get your body moving, get out doors, dance or sing along to your favourite tune. If you want professional support to release negative emotions, we have lots of simple gentle tools to get you back into flow with your feelings.

3 Emotional Balance – Let them go

Releasing negative emotions is like releasing a stretched elastic band, once released it returns to a natural state of relaxation. Therefore carve our a little time everyday to relax in a way of your choosing. Whether that be mediation, hypnosis, breathing techniques, exercise. Find away to relax your body and tune into how you are feeling. Acknowledge your feelings and own them. Our mind and body are one connected system. Neuro-psychologist Candice Pert suggests that “Every cell has an emotional receptor, acting like any sensing organ, our skin, fingers, nose” … listening and sensing how to respond and express our emotions (Pert, C. 1997) This means that at a cellular level we are emotional beings and when we work with all of our emotional landscape, we become emotionally stronger, wiser, more creative, healthier and are more productive.

Why do I work with Emotions?

  • They are bio psychological, they are part of us, when we ignore them we are rejecting an aspect of ourselves.
  • If emotions are rejected as not useful, its like shooting the messenger. We lose access to our emotional intelligence, our intuition our instincts.
  • Some of us are frightened of these internal states called emotions. The more we resist them the more they persist. Working with them is an opportunity to understand yourself better and learn to liberate them and have greater emotional freedom and choice.
  • They can be the energy that blocks stopping you from moving towards success

My invitation to you is:

Spot any symptoms of emotional disconnection within yourself and see this as an opportunity not a threat. Consider what you need to top up your emotions and recover some good feelings so that you are more relaxed. Do one thing that helps you reconnect with your emotional self. Because that is where you will gather your emotional intelligence. Emotions are messengers, even those emotions we judge as negative, understand what your emotional self wants you to pay attention to. You will then find it really easy to release the emotion and retain the message.