People learn NLP for two main reasons:

  1. To develop themselves

  2. To increase their success

NLP is a positive psychology made up of an eclectic mix of tools and attitudes, when applied generate a greater sense of self and accomplishment in life. So let’s visit these two reasons.

Self development

The personal benefits of learning NLP are significant

You learn how to break old habits, reactions and patterns that hinder you. How good will that feel? You discover the attitude and principles of success. You harness the “where there is a will, there is a way mindset’. You discovering solution focused instead of problem focussed thinking. Your will discover that the words we use represent our internal attitudes, beliefs, and our expectations of ourselves. Whilst also revealing any previously unconscious limitations. You will learn to re-language your inner world for a greater sense of self. You will be like music to your own ears at this point. You can start to get a picture of how you will be with these skills.

… there is more

… you’ll discover and experience more clarity and clear internal conflicts that may be inhibiting your ability to more forward. You will discover how deeply motivating your values are. Learning how values drive your focus and determine where you put your energy and effort. You will then be able to make changes that have a positive impact on your life when ever you want to. Because once your learn NLP, you will have these wonderful tools at your finger tips everyday.

All of this enables you to become a more influential communicator you will hear the difference in how you sound and how congruent you are. Have greater resilience; your attitude and mind-set will help you bounce back from difficulty or disappointments. You will have tools to create clarity in decision-making. Feeling more fulfilled and able to achieve greater balance in your life.

Greater Personal and Professional Success

NLP provides a way of working, whether you are in business, education, sports, academia or therapy. It provides a way to create lasting change.

NLP can help overcome typical barriers to success such as:

  • Not knowing what you want
  • Fear for failure/success
  • Unconscious patterns of emotions, thoughts or behaviours getting in the way of success
  • Striving for goals and then not achieving them
  • Feeling stuck
  • Looking for quick fixes, not long-term solutions
  • Clashing with other personality types
  • Finding and sustaining motivation

The great thing about the tools of NLP is that they are really practical and you can get the benefits of working with it straight away. I believe there is something for everyone within NLP Not only do you learn highly effective coaching tools. You learn to listen to the structure of other people’s language and reveal were their blocks are. You develop problem-solving skills, thinking skills and the ability to elegantly challenge fixed mind-sets. You learn the art of rapport to increase the trust and respect in the relationships around you.

You learn how to be aligned with your mission and how to harness your motivation towards achieving your goals.

Quite simply, NLP is the technology of achievement

You learn how to make the most of yourself and how to inspire others. Most of us know there are more and better ways of doing things. NLP will help you change what isn’t working and enhance what is. So that you enjoy greater satisfaction and achievement in your life.

What’s great about learning NLP with EMH Inspire?

  1. You join a free membership of like-minded people who support each other.
  2. We provide regular webinars to support your on-going development.
  3. Our courses are evidence based, fun and practical
  4. You can work towards a recognised Association for Coaching, coaching qualification.
  5. You can work towards becoming a UKCP psychotherapist
  6. You will have fun, feel supported and respected.

Visit our training page for more details and dates. Our next training commences 29 August