Why do I teach NLP?

This is why… it isn’t about me, it is about you!

NLP is not about learning how to give the best advice; it is about learning to draw the best out of yourself and others.

Empowering others to access their best selves is hugely rewarding. When my delegates then apply their NLP skills to bringing the best out in others, they reveal the depth and breath of empowerment. They discover that giving advice has its limitations versus supporting others to grow and develop a stronger sense of self-confidence, clarity and purpose.

I am sharing just a little of my recent NLP Diploma delegates feedback with you, because their experience of being in my training room is much more useful to you than my view. I am bias of course … so their objective opinions are much more valuable all round.

NLP Diploma

When asked what they thought of the NLP manual and hand-outs:

  • “Useful and thought provoking”
  • “Excellent”
  • “I loved that the manual was written around us and the walls were full of our 4 days of learning”
  • “High quality”

When asked were your objectives of the NLP course met:

  • “ 5 star all the way, I thoroughly enjoyed spending some time on me. Exploring my thoughts and spending time on me felt good, I use the word therapeutic and I understand that has different meaning to others than it does to me – it felt like I cleared my mind and I’m questioning myself less.”
  • “Totally, I wanted to be better at coaching my staff, building work relationships in a pressurised environment and to be less critical of myself in my work and personal life – I learned how to get myself out of my own way. I am freer from the mental chatter and have greater clarity and confidence as a result.”
  • I wanted to get my spark back, my mojo – I have reconnected with my values and purpose. Result!

And this is what delegates said they got from learning with me… (I’ll look away – the introvert in me wants to hide…)

“Loved Eilidh’s style of talking, content, then playing with it, getting up on our feet and doing the demos, practicing on each others. Enjoyed how Eilidh brought everyone’s input in to the room, respecting the styles that made us comfortable.”

“I would say Eilidh’s ability to put herself in the delegates model of the world was exceptional. I felt that Eilidh didn’t assume knowledge or understanding and took the time to explain and allowed conversation to progress to fulfil understanding. Eilidh took time throughout the days to build in reflection time to allow us to think. Equally she held the time agenda well for us.”

Encouraging others to learn NLP with EMH Inspire

  • “Carve out the time to invest in yourself.”
  • “Up top as the most useful aspect by far is the physical time with Eilidh and specifically the demonstrations (as the person being demonstrated on). I got a lot out of watching the demonstrations on others and when you did the goal setting with me personally, it was phenomenal, I really enjoyed it, thank you.”
  • “If I was encouraging someone to do this course, I would also talk about how this is about them as an individual and therefore relevant to work, home, spare time, alone time, family time, parent time, friend time, wife time, mum time, etc, etc, etc …
  • “I have already encouraged multiple people to take an interest in NLP and look into the possibilities of doing this course. The progression that I have experienced within my own life and remove doubts and any lack of confidence surrounding them.”
  • As Eilidh described on the first day – it is like having a systems upgrade for my brain. It is not only an upgrade in my eyes, it is a re-format as well, and where everything important to me is clear and all the useless stuff is removed from the forefront of my thoughts.
  • It is not only incredible on a personal development level but on a professional level too. I work with children and having the ability to help them to help themselves is extremely fulfilling. The fact that I can have such a positive impact in their lives after a 4-day course is astonishing. I endeavour to improve the lives of those I’m my care and I know that my colleagues are also passionate about this.

And their final quotes to share their experience with you:

“I truly believe that after completing the diploma, my life has opened up to so many new possibilities. I feel that thing is achievable. I am more confident and have less doubt in my capabilities or opinions. I am also able to bring that into my job and help improve the lives of those in my care.”

“I implore anyone to seriously consider this NLP course. The benefits I have noticed in my own wellbeing as well as my effectiveness professionally are unbelievable. Even more so considering the length of the course.”

“Eilidh has provided me with tools I can use to enhance myself and my skills so I can support and develop others, and get satisfaction and enjoyment out of every step. Thinking about being the best version of you, start right here. “

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